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Press Releases and Media

Toronto Police Association Statement regarding the City of Toronto’s 2024 Budget. Please read the statement by clicking the News Release link

Budget Statement – February 14 2024

Today, the Toronto Police Association presented at the City of Toronto’s Budget Committee as part of its effort to raise awareness with the public and advocate for its members during the 2024 Budget process. Learn more by clicking the News Release Link below.

News Release – City of Toronto Deputation re 2024 Budget – January 22 2024

Today the TPA presented at the Toronto Police Services Board meeting to raise awareness with the public and advocate for its members during the City of Toronto’s 2024 budget process. Learn more by clicking the News Release Link below.

News Release – TPSB Deputation re 2024 Budget – December 19 2023

The Run for Mayor 2023

We asked the top seven candidates four questions, with a focus on policing and public safety. You can read their answers in this short video. Click here.

You can read our letter to the mayoral candidates here MAYORAL CANDIDATE LETTER

  1. Throughout the remaining term of the current city council, will you support any motion that is brought forward which freezes or reduces the budget of the Toronto Police Service? (a) Yes (b) No
  2. As the population of the city of Toronto has increased, so has the demand on our members to respond to calls for services, answer 911 calls, and engage in proactive community policing initiatives. We know through objective analytics that we do not have enough staffing to provide adequate and effective policing services. As Mayor, what will you do to address this critical staffing shortage?
  3. Our members have a challenging job, that often involve placing themselves in harm’s way, potentially risking their own physical and psychological well-being. It is often said that our members run towards danger when others are running away. As Mayor, what will you do to ensure our members – uniform and civilian – know you support them.
  4. We have seen an increase in violent crime that has caused citizens and visitors to feel less safe. As Mayor, what is your plan to deal with both the real and perceived safety concerns?

News Release – Standing Committee on Justice Policy – May 16 2023

2023 Budget News Release – February 14 2023

The Toronto Police Association is asking all members of City Council to approve the City of Toronto’s 2023 Budget, including a 4.3% increase for the Toronto Police Service, at its special budget meeting tomorrow.

News Release – Standing Committee on Justice Policy – January 31 2023 – FINAL

On Tuesday, January 31, 2023, the Toronto Police Association (TPA) joined other police leaders in presenting submissions to the government’s Standing Committee on Justice Policy.

06 January 2023 Joining Forces to Confront Violence

Today, the Toronto Police Association, the Canadian Police Association, the Police Association of Ontario, and the Ontario Provincial Police Association, released a joint statement to address the growing violence against police officers and the communities they serve.

22 Jun 2022 Toronto Police Association Responds to Workplace Harassment Discrimination Review Released by Toronto Police Service

In response to a report released by the Toronto Police Service regarding Workplace Harassment and Discrimination, the Toronto Police Association continues to take action and do its part to support members and advocate for meaningful changes in policing.

22 Jun 2022 Toronto Police Association Supports Findings by City of Toronto Auditor General

The Toronto Police Association is thanking City of Toronto Auditor General Beverly Romeo-Beehler and her team for their thorough, evidence-based examination of 9-1-1 Operations and Police Response to Calls for Service and is asking the Toronto Police Service and all levels of government to move quickly on the AG’s recommendations.

15 Jun 2022 Statement about Race-based Data from the Toronto Police Association

Today the Service released the results of its race-based data collection regarding use of force and strip searches by our members.

02 May 2022 Toronto Police Association asks the Toronto Police Services Board to support its call for Bail Reform and Other Legislative Changes aimed at curbing Gun & Gang Violence

Today the Toronto Police Association deputed at the monthly meeting of the Toronto Police Services Board on bail reform and other legislative changes that would help curb gun and gang violence.

28 Apr 2022 TPA Applauds Ford Government Investment in Mental Health Services for Public Safety Personnel

TPA President Jon Reid. “Our members have an unwavering dedication to upholding the safety of our city’s residents and, as their Association, we applaud any step taken to support them in their efforts.”

12 Apr 2022 Toronto Police Association Announces New Chief Communications Officer

The Toronto Police Association is pleased to announce that Meaghan Gray will be its new Chief Communications Officer, effective April 25, 2022. Meaghan brings over 20 years of communications and issues management experience to the TPA’s Executive, including the last 18 as a member of the Toronto Police Service’s Corporate Communications team. Meaghan will be responsible for all aspects of the Association’s communications, including corporate, internal and media relations, and working with the Board and Executive staff as a strategic advisor on reputation, branding, issues and change management.

24-Aug-21 Toronto Police Association Opposes Mandatory Vaccine Announcement

The Toronto Police Association (“TPA”) is aware of the Toronto Police Service (“TPS”) announcement on the implementation of its own mandatory vaccination policy for all members. We understand this is an initial announcement without any policy documentation, procedure, or routine order in place.

02-July-21 Toronto Police Association Statement Death of Detective Constable Jeffrey Northrup

The tragic loss of Detective Constable Jeffrey Northrup is undeniably heartbreaking. The Toronto Police Association sends our deepest condolences to the family, friends and fellow police officers of Jeffrey Northrup, a hardworking, dedicated family man with a long line of service.

13 Apr 21 – Toronto Police Assocation Missing Persons Review Statement

The Independent Civilian Review into Missing Persons Investigations was an important undertaking by the Honourable Gloria J. Epstein, Lead Counsel Mr. Mark Sandler and all members who supported and worked with them. This was a significant review with a mandate to examine how Toronto Police manage missing persons investigations in relation to vulnerable and marginalized individuals.

10 Apr 21 – Toronto Police Association Bail Release Statement

The Toronto Police Association (“TPA”) is calling for the urgent need for a fulsome review of how our bail laws are being applied and interpreted. The release of Neelkanth Shah – charged with the attempted murder of a police officer – can only be characterized as eroding public confidence in the administration of justice

Toronto Police Association Statement, Bail Release[32]