Police Week May 15-21

Toronto Police Officers Save Man from 8th Story Plunge

It is extraordinary acts of courage like this that make the TPA proud to represent the men & women of the Toronto Police  Service. These police officers, with the assistance of onsite security officers, put their own lives at risk when they rescued a man dangling out an 8th floor window. The bravery & heroism of everyone involved, help prevent a terrible tragedy. This incident occurred on May 13, 2021 at the Roehampton Hotel in Toronto while police were responding to a person in crisis call.  Officers held the distressed gentleman for over 12 minutes, breaking windows to pull him to safety. The man was taken to hospital to get the assistance he required. Our officers were treated for minor injuries and released.  We are extremely proud of their bravery. Their training in responding to this emergency crisis and their quick thinking prevented a terrible tragedy. . Click here for full story

Police Week

In recognition of Police Week, the TPA produced two short videos, The Oath and The Team. These two videos showcase our members’ dedication to public service and contribution to building safer communities. Whether you are a police officer, special constable, parking enforcement officer, communications operator, or any other civilian staff member, your commitment during the past year has not gone unnoticed. We thank you for your support, your hard work, and for protecting and serving our communities. We know the public appreciates the great work you do each day and the added responsibilities you all share in building a better Toronto.

The Team