Night to Salute Hospitals Across the City


On April 19, 2020, dozens of police, paramedic, firefighter and transit vehicles paraded down University Avenue in front of hospitals for the Night to Salute Hospitals Across the City.

The Toronto Police Service organized this event as an opportunity for emergency workers to pay tribute to and thank healthcare workers for keeping Torontonians safe through the COVID-19 pandemic. Parades also took place at twelve other hospitals across the city.

The TPA received many emails of appreciation, including:

"I'm on shift at TGH right now, and the TPS/others 'parade' (I'll call it that - it's the closest we'll get to that in a while!) just passed by. It was AWESOME! We all went outside, and everyone was touched, it was honestly the highlight of my week (maybe month!). Thanks again so much for this, it REALLY means a lot. Feel free to pass along to anyone and everyone who was involved, and thank you for all that you do!"